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Our specialists will be happy to advise you on all issues related to the requested transport or logistics services.

Satellite monitoring

All our vehicles are monitored by satellite throughout the entire transport. We will be happy to provide a connection to your system.


All transported goods are properly insured at all times. All insurance claims are handled by us within a few days.

FORS Certification

We are specialists in transport between the EU and the UK. For this reason we have been FORS certified for several years.

Everything under one roof

When using our services, we guarantee that all operations will be carried out under the HrubyMOVING brand. We do not use contractors or external employees.

Own employees and fleet

Our company only uses tribal employees so that we can guarantee the highest standards of service. All our vehicles have a maximum age of three years.

Oversize transport

With specially adapted vehicles for oversized transports, we are also ready to meet your special requirements.

Our serviced routes

Vehicle fleet

We offer more than 150 trucks to our clients. We also own vehicles that are adapted for the transport of refrigerated goods.


Loading volume: 101.18 m³
Payload: 25 t
Area: 13.6 x 2.48 x 3 m


Loading volume: 115.5 m³
Payload: 24 t
Area: 15.42 x 2.48 x 3 m

DAF XG Frigo

Loading volume: 101.18 m³
Payload: 25 t
Area: 13.6 x 2.48 x 3 m

Logistics Centre

Do you need to store or consolidate your goods in transit? Nothing is easier. We offer you our first-class and secure storage facilities.


Our warehouses are located in Prague, Brno and Vyškov. They are very easily accessible from the motorway routes.


We own more than 10.000 m2 of superior warehouse space. There are racking systems and free space for work and storage.


The stored areas are under 24-hour surveillance by CCTV and security. Of course there is an alarm and electronic locks.


Our staff are trained in the gentle and safe handling of stored items. We can prepare goods according to individual requirements.


From the goods that arrive at our warehouse we create smaller shipments that we deliver to your end customers. All in a maximum of a short period of time.

Information system

In case of interest, we are able to provide communication links between information systems. We are able to register products to serial numbers or scan them with thermal cameras.

Sustainability and ecology

We strive to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible behind our activities.

Electrical solution and low-emission vehicles

All of the equipment we use in our warehouses is powered by electricity. We operate modern, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Recycled resources

The packaging materials we use to assemble shipments are made from recycled materials. We plan to reduce the use of adhesive tapes to encourage the reduction of plastic consumption.

Low plastic consumption

To the maximum extent possible, we replace the use of plastic film with ecological variants of protective fillings
for upcoming shipments.

Sorted waste

All disposed waste passes through our sorting centre. Here we sort it according to recycling classes and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

ISO 14001:2015

We have implemented a certified environmental impact management system according to ISO 14001:2015. The system is regularly audited.

Zelená firma

The quality management system of all internal processes takes into account their ecological impact. We hold the Green Company and Ekokom certificates.

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Svatka Puncocharova
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Barbora Netrdova
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Mirek Procházka
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Lukáš Pacoň


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