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Martin and his family lives in Paris and is moving to Berlin
HRUBYMOVING - Spojené stěhování
Sarah and her kids are moving from Berlin to Paris
HRUBYMOVING - Spojené stěhování
Martin and Sarah requested our Connected moving
HRUBYMOVING - Spojené stěhování
We combine the move and they will receive great service for an irresistible price
HRUBYMOVING - Spojené stěhování
Everyone is satisfied, they saved both money and the environment
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Our Services


Our specialists are happy to advise you on the time and the technical demands of moving. They will suggest a suitable packaging material.

Optimized coordination

Every moving project of ours has its assigned coordinator that constantly looks over the project and ensures the completion of all ordered services.

Delivery of packaging material

First-class packaging material is needed for a secure transport. Ours is tested with age- long professional experience.

Packing service

We pack and unpack moving items professionally so that we minimise possible damage.

Furniture assembly

We dismantle your furniture professionally and with care and assemble furniture from any manufacturers, including atypical pieces.

Packing furniture against damage

We will protect the furniture against damage with materials that meet our high safety standards.

List of moved items

We will prepare a detailed list of moved items which is a mandatory part any international transportation.

Transport route protection

We protect the places where it’s possible that damage can occur. We put special emphasis on the protection of lift cabins.


All our employees are regularly trained in safe handling of moved items.


We only use our own vehicles from vans to large trucks that are specially adapted for moving purposes.

Installation of TV and etc.

Our specialists will professionally hang TVs, paintings, decorations or other objects on the wall, plug in washers and dryers, install lighting.

Marine and air transport

We provide a complete maritime service and air transport, incl. destination services and customs clearance.

Disposal of waste

We provide ecological disposal of waste or needless furniture. We are partners of the Green Company programme.

Representation in the customs administration

As part of moving outside the EU, we represent clients in customs administration, and provide all necessary documentation.


We are insured up to 10 million CZK against damage. We provide additional insurance for higher amounts. We resolve all damages within 14 days.


Do you need to store your belongings as part of your move? Nothing is easier. We offer you our first-class and secure storage facilities.


Our warehouses are located in Prague, Brno and Vyškov. They are easily accessible.


We own over 7000 m2 of above standard, professional storage space.

Camera system

Storage spaces are under 24-hour surveillance of our camera system.


Our workers are trained in careful and safe handling of stored items.


We offer storage in our shelf systems or specially locked containers.


Our insurance covers all hazards tied with storing your belongings.

Car Fleet

We offer our clients over 100 cargo vehicles. From small vans to the largest trucks. All our vehicles are specially adjusted for the needs of moving.

Mercedes Sprinter

Volume of loading area: 11 m³
Payload : 1,1 t
Space: 3,3 x 1,75 x 1,9 m

Mercedes Sprinter

Volume of loading area: 14 m³
Payload: 790 kg
Space: 4,2 x 1,75 x 1,9 m

Mercedes Atego

Volume of loading area: 30 m³
Payload: 5,6 t
Space: 5,7 x 2,2 x 2,35 m

Mercedes Atego

Volume of loading area: 48 m³
Payload: 5,5 t
Space: 7,75 x 2,5 x 2,5 m

MAN TGX 26.440

Volume of loading area: 97 m³
Payload: 20 t
Space: 15,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 m


Volume of loading area: 101,18 m³
Payload: 25 t
Space: 13,6 x 2,48 x 3 m

Wrapping Material

Our priority is to ensure that all the moved items safely arrive to their destination. We therefore use high quality boxes, bubble wrap, textile and many other wrapping material, which ensure maximum safety to moved items.

Standard box

for the packing of kitchen equipment, documents, clothing etc.

Maxi box

for the packing of clothing, decorations and other bulky items

Clothing box

for the packing of clothes, decorations and other bulkyk items

Book box

for the packing of books and other miniature items

Bubble wrap

for the protection of furniture, decorations etc.

Fixation foil

for the protection of furniture, decorations etc.

Silk paper

for the packing of glass and porcelain

Duct tape

for taping boxes

Special packages

for very fragile items

Sleeping mat package

for the safe move of sleeping mats

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Velká spokojenost; již podruhé nám stěhovali firmu, využili jsme i služby uskladnění nábytku a vše (od domluvy předem přes dochvilnost po koordinaci na místě) super.
Svatka Puncocharova
Svatka Puncocharova
Naprosta spolehlivost a spokojenost. Firma komunikuje telefonicky i po emailu. Instrukce byly jasne a jeste poslali pripominku den predem a zaroven volali. Muzu jenom doporucit. Jsou schopni zajistit i prepravu z nabytkove spolecnosti domu
Barbora Netrdova
Barbora Netrdova
Rychlá vykládka. Vše ok
Mirek Procházka
Mirek Procházka
Vyuzil jsem na stehovani a byl jsem spokojen. Dobra domluva, prijezd na cas, za hodinu a pul nalozili celej byt a bez problemu prevezli a vylozili.
Lukáš Pacoň
Lukáš Pacoň


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